Friday, 14 February 2014

Hard Science vs Spiritual Bullshit?

Going to take things a little bit deep today with my attitude when I hear or read people arguing about whether science disproves religion or vice versa. My ideas on this subject are not complete and I expect them to evolve as I get older and learn more about the world.
Throughout history there has been, and there continues to be a struggle of those who find their truth in scientific fact against those who put their faith in the inexplicable. But which side is correct?

I would start by drawing attention to the idea that scientists and those who put stock in the physical and chemical laws we have uncovered need to have as much faith as people who choose for themselves a more spiritual reality. They have to be okay with not knowing all of the answers. From the beginning of the universe to its end, all of the biggest questions in science started as pure mysteries. The truths we know well today like gravity, electromagnetism and the production of ATP in our bodies' cells would have once been inconceivable, sounding ridiculous to the closed mind. Hopefully this information has removed the stereotypes of scientists being narrow minded boring and unwilling to see another perspective. As seeing another perspective is their only way of progression.

Now let's address an issue that has plagued humans for centuries; science and spirituality.
I'd like to introduce the idea that these two are deeply connected. Two sides of the same coin, if you will, or different ways of seeing the universe.

The world we live in won't change, regardless of how we choose to think about it right?
Wrong. Quite simply we become, and our world becomes what we think about. This means that if you choose to see wonder, magic and adventure these things will become a larger part of your perceived world. There are as many different worlds as there are people. If you choose to think about mediocrity and predictability, then your thoughts will manifest in the shape of your reality.

How are science and spirituality linked?
We are familiar with the term prayer. This is the act of consciously willing something to take shape in our reality. It can take the form of a conversation with god, or Allah or the universal consciousness. To those of us who are not identified with a religion it is known as positive thought.

It has been common knowledge in science  for quite a while that our thoughts have a frequency, a very specific frequency, like a signature of sorts.  This has been demonstrated in many different ways in many different studies which i do not care to list.
This is an interesting fact but not really life changing.

What makes this fact important is a recent discovery that DNA responds to frequency in ways that seem fantastical or even implausible, yet studies and experiments have ascertained   beyond reason that DNA can be altered by directing different frequencies at it.
This essentially means that we can change our very being with the power of our minds. Frequencies and vibrations also interact with one another, sometimes changing each other. IE, we can change our surroundings just by choosing to think about them positively. Others will react positively to your frequency and carry the love into their lives, resulting in a butterfly effect of goodness.

I am not blind to how funny, ridiculous, hysterical or even delirious this sounds, yet  we are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between what religions have been fundamentally saying for thousands of years and the nature of our world and human physiology/biology (science)
 The two are intertwined and can be interchanged in many applications.

For example, why is it that when we commit our very being to achieving a goal we are rewarded?  When we give everything we have and crawl through pain and suffering to realise an ideal why we are rewarded so richly? This could be a physical/athletic goal, a relationship, getting a job, taking exams.
The reason could be that because you were spiritually immersed in your goal and the actions you needed to take; the work you had to do was such that there was no other option but success. Basically you became, for a brief time the embodiment of someone who succeeds in that particular field. The work you did was done on meditation, you were not thinking, just doing things that would move you towards your goal without weighing up the cost. And god or the universe or Allah smiled at your work. Karma was in your favour and you were rewarded with the realisation of your goal...

Very deep right?
Issac newton succinctly says 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction' what you put into life, you get out. As we sow, so shall we reap. The metaphors and age old sayings go on and on, the world religions, at their most basic concepts, and science both describe the same phenomena.

So next time youre bashing the Muslims and christians and sikhs with 'big bang' this 'string theory' that and 'evolution' the other, remember that we may never know all the answers. So nobody's way of seeing the world may ever be 100% how the world actually is. Be okay with that.

I'm not writing this to try and say which parts of the many world religions are right and wrong, I only wish to direct your attention at how fundamentally, they are not only reflections and interpretations of each other, but of science as well.

Be grateful for your moment to wonder about why we are here, where we came from and where we are going, if we will ever conquer outer space, if there's life out there.

 And find it awesome that you are as old as time itself!

"The human mind is like the rich soils of our earth, whatever seed you plant will grow; be it a deadly poisonous plant or nourishing crop. The mind, like the earth is indifferent to what seeds we allow to be planted, all shall grow" - unknown

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