Monday, 13 January 2014

Fuel your vessel

Growth of the soul as well as the body is extremely difficult without the optimal fuel.
Consider the many people you know with pretty decent bodies. I spoke to someone yesterday about food and they said
"its cool I just eat what i like, fast food, junk food whatever I'm in the mood for really, I just do my fair share of exercise". If you don't care for improvement or are 100% happy with yourself then there is nothing wrong with this. Yet for people involved with sports and other types of athletes I cant stress enough the fact that the better the fuel our bodies have, the better our results will be. Making effective dietary choices can drastically improve the way we think and perform. Want to lift more weight? Run faster? Jump higher? Think better? Put better fuel into your vessel (body), people.
I have been eating foods full of wheat and gluten for years but only recently have I learned that these foods irritate my body. But I adore eating carbohydrates and starchy foods like cereal and oats so I sought gluten and wheat free products. I can honestly say it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Learn to feel your body more, really feel how it reacts to the food and drink you take, and make changes accordingly. I didn't wake up one day and decide I was gluten intolerant, I played about with my diet and discovered certain foods gave me gas, caused me to gain weight easily despite lots of exercise and bloated me up almost like a balloon! I would have been unaware of these affects had I not deviated from what was my norm. Progression is impossible without change, which entails a possibility of mistakes and ridicule. Embrace that shit.
Choosing what to eat on the grounds of how it affects our body is all well and good; essential in fact. Yet I believe we should also take notice of where our food and drink comes from and how it is produced.
Because we have no connection to the production or roots of our food sources we care less about the impact it has. Is your food made from genetically modified organisms? Does it come from a factory farm or are people payed wages that they can barely survive on in the name of the company's continued growth. Or does it come from a farmer who lives in a neighboring town? A fair trade company? Ask yourself what effect the production of your food has on both the people involved and the earth that we are born of. When know the answers, ask yourself if you want to further the cause by buying the food or choose something different.
People, we need to face the fact that healthy clean food is expensive! And you know what else? Food that supports sustainability and fair trade and respect for the earth is even more expensive! I for one am prepared to pay more. What else are you going to spend those extra few pounds on? It could be argued that obesity is a problem because high calorie food is so cheap that people can get lots for little. Whereas if you support healthy clean food (I refer to clean in both the health and moral sense) then you will find that you can't get as much food for your money, but you will always manage to get what you need.
Where did your dinner come from today?
Do you know how your body reacts to it?
What part did the earth play in its production

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